What’s in a name?

A brief explanation behind the title of this blog:

My children have different dads.

My daughter’s last name is a hyphenate of my last name and her dad’s.
My son’s last name is a hyphenate of my last name and his dad’s.

I didn’t know that I wouldn’t stay with my ex when I chose to hyphenate my daughter’s last name almost three years ago. I chose her last name because I really love my last name. My dad has four daughters and no sons, so our branch of our last name dies with my generation. I’m very proud of my French Creole heritage and of being from New Orleans and my last name is a reflection of both of those aspects of who I am. I want my children to have a same appreciation of their heritage and never lose touch with their roots, so I included my last name in both of their last names.

My last name is simple but strong. Five letters, two syllables. It rolls off the tongue nicely. Both of the children’s fathers have five letter last names, so the hyphenate isn’t overwhelming or super long. Their last names sound nice and look really great on paper, in my opinion.

Now that I’ve had my son, I also really like the fact that the children share part of their last name.

Because of the hyphenated last names, both of my children have four names each.


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