Mark my words: An impassioned DIY idea

I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN IN MY HOUSE and I mean sooner rather than later.

Imagine an iMac with a midcentury-inspired, desk-friendly chair instead of a TV because ours will be mounted on the wall under the living room window to minimize glare and no records because I’m just not that cool (a.k.a. my ex took the record player when we broke up and divided up our stuff) and you have a mental image of what a portion of wall is going to look like in my house. Maybe minus a few of the whimsical knick knacks, not that I have a shortage of knick knacks, by any means. Mine just look more like skulls and homemade paintings and less like whimsical matryoshka dolls and sailboats that should be in glass bottles.


image courtesy of molly’s amazing blog almost makes perfect.

I want custom built shelving that looks just like this so badly that I can practically taste the Minwax.


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