Whoa Wednesday: DIY Faux concrete wall treatment

I don’t know if someone slipped something into my house’s water supply, but I’ve been getting super inspired by things left and right the last few days. Maybe it’s because I actually see an end in sight for the much-needed furniture moving situation I have going on, but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to rearranging, cleaning, and decorating. I’m actually excited to clean. I bought some yummy scented all natural all-purpose cleaner at Target to give myself a little motivational push. Isn’t that one of those “You know you’re a mom when..” type things? You know you’re a mom when.. “treating yourself” means buying Method all-purpose cleaner on clearance at Target. Welp, so be it.

So, inspiration. I found something I have decided I definitely want to do in what is currently the catch-all computer/piano/random-sofa-that-we-aren’t-keeping/graveyard-for-boxes-of-legal-paperwork-that-need-to-be-destroyed front room that will become the comfy, organized, well appointed living room of my dreams. [Okay, maybe not of my dreams because I have a very strong imagination and could do some serious damage with an unlimited budget for furniture, textiles, and decor.. but it’ll definitely be freaking awesome.]

Feast your eyes on the faux concrete wall treatment that I am going to hulk smash:

faux concrete wall treatment

image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Click the picture for the step-by-step for how to achieve this look and be on the lookout for pictures of my completed version soon. Well, *hopefully* soon. As an ardent follower of Apartment Therapy (I seriously check it daily.. sometimes more than once), I have gleaned a very good understanding of my own personal design aesthetic. I am a mixture of what they call “organic modern” and “warm industrial” which essentially means I like midcentury modern-influenced furniture, warm neutrals, reclaimed materials, and a healthy mixture of wood and metal. I knew I wanted to do a black accent wall in my living room on the wall that is dominated by a high, horizontal window and has a really great 60s vibe. I also knew that I was more than likely going to paint the other walls grey, but I wanted to do something visually interesting and this faux concrete treatment is IT. I don’t know if I want to do it on the short wall opposite what will eventually be the black accent wall (which will be the home of our wall-mounted flat screen and maybe a low profile console table) or if I want to go balls to the wall and do the long wall that runs from the front door all the way to the dining room. I think that’ll depend on how I decide to display all of the amazing artwork and mirrors that are currently hanging out in the guest bedroom/music room. We’ll see how it turns out.

I can’t wait.


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