Little thighs, big needles

Today was a lazy day. Aside from a trip to Freebirds for lunch and a quick jaunt into Toys R Us, we stayed in the house all day. Lord knows, Mommy needs the rest. The road trip drained me, despite the dangerous levels of Red Bull that Liz and I consumed. (Despite? Because of? You be the judge.) Yes, I am a flawed human being who occasionally poisons her body with Red Bull, that most toxic and detestable of chemical concoctions.

At least we looked good as a unit.

Elliott Olivia's romper

Elliott Olivia’s romper

Grayson in camo

Grayson in camo

I originally intended to go to the grocery store, but everything on my list could wait except for the baby Tylenol for Grayson and- lucky me- Toys R Us sells baby Tylenol. My poor little man had his two month checkup yesterday and I actually let them immunize him. I’m so on the fence about vaccines for babies. On the one hand, I don’t like it. At all. I think it’s silly that a two month old baby should have three needles that look as long as his little thighs are thick jabbed into him to prevent a slew of diseases that he could easily be vaccinated against at a later, more developed age. I didn’t have Ellie vaccinated after we left the hospital until well after she turned one and, lucky me, she didn’t develop polio or get tetanus. The only reason I gave in and let them vaccinate Grayson is because of the hassle I dealt with when I finally put Ellie into daycare and had to have her vaccinated for admission. She had to get so many vaccines at one time that it seemed like I did her a disservice by waiting for something that the public school system makes unavoidable. Because of the fact that Grayson may have to go into daycare at an earlier age than she did, I figured it would probably make more sense to have it done now.

I know vaccination is a controversial issue. I’d love to get some opinions from readers. Did you have your children vaccinated at the recommended ages? Did you wait? Did you skip it altogether? What were your reasons for your personal decision?


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