The Family Behind the Blog

I believe the children are our future, so I made some and try to train them to be good people so I can unleash ’em on the world. You’re welcome.

The writer: Kristena
Reigning Don of the Two Car Seat Mafia.
A twenty-sum’n writer & food-enthusiast.
I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom.

The subjects (#inspo): Elliott & Grayson
My pickle-eating karate princess mini-me & the matchbox car-obsessed little bro who wears her shoes. My vicious little empaths.

The only things they willingly share are half of a last name & a love of chicken nuggets.

My mission is to take the sting out of the phrase “young mom,” one well-adjusted child at a time. I have enough energy to play with my kids long after other parents would need a second wind. My body bounced back almost immediately, twice. My kids benefit greatly from the fact that I’m hilarious and have really cool friends. Being a young parent has its perks.

By day, I am the Content Director for a marketing & video production company & freelance as a copywriter & blogger. Hire me.
By night, I am a mac & cheese-making, monster-vanquishing super hero whose kisses cure the most serious of boo boos.
By Friday night, I am most likely drinking beverages of the boozy variety. (I did mention being a mother of two, right?)

Find me navigating life in combat boots, armed with snacks + carefully curated Spotify playlists, with two stylishly dressed, probably unkempt tiny tyrants in tow. We’re messy & loud, we wreak havoc, & we don’t always get it right, but we’re a happy little family. I hope you enjoy following along on our adventures.


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